Our core focus is project delivery.

Our approach is to first learn about what our clients do so we can better serve them. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure we understand their goals and objectives as well as their organizational structure, management and operational capabilities.

By taking this holistic approach we ensure our clients planned business initiatives have the appropriate implementation strategies and governance to successfully attain their stated goals and that the desired outcomes can be sustained over the long-term. Whether it’s working with our clients to identify new opportunities or addressing specific improvement goals or issues, we present our clients with practical solutions.. 

One of our underlying beliefs is that when we are finished our clients should be better  by  the successful delivering of the project   and also through transferring of our knowledge and expertise through mentoring.

In addition to supporting client projects we also provide our clients with ongoing staffing support.

Management Services — Managing for Business Change

Whether it's in response to emerging or changing customer demands, new policy requirements, competitive threats, the need to optimize internal resources or the implementation of new services or technology, organizations are in a constant state of change.

Managing for business change requires a well thought out and integrated strategy that prepares an organization for the planned change and sets out an approach that when followed ensures that the desired outcomes are realized and sustainable. By leveraging our broad experience gained through the implementation of large scale, transformational projects along with the extensive business and technology knowledge of our highly skilled resource teams we help our clients successfully manage their business change initiatives.


Our Management Services include:

  • Business and IT strategic planning
  • Project portfolio / program development
  • Corporate and project governance
  • RFI / RFP development and support
  • Business analysis
  • Facilitation

Delivery Services — Project Delivery

Successfully implementing business change requires a well thought-out and integrated strategy that prepares the organization for the planned change. It sets out a structured approach that when followed ensures that the desired outcomes are realized and can be sustained over the long-term. We work with our clients to understand their strategic goals and objectives, ensuring the right projects are selected and executed in a coordinated manner that minimizes risk and maximizes the value to
the client.

We do this by ensuring that our client projects have the appropriate implementation strategies, governance and approach necessary to successfully attain their stated goals. By utilizing proven, standards based project and business improvement methodologies as well leveraging our broad project management experience.


Our Delivery Services include:

  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Business case development
  • RFI / RFP development and support
  • Project, change and transition management
  • Business process improvement

Solution Development & Support

Whether it’s part of a coordinated project team approach or to support day-to-day operational needs we are able to provide our clients with qualified, experienced and professional resources.

As part of our Solution Development and Support Services we are able to provide application consulting, custom application development, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) system configuration and implementation, application testing and quality assurance services.


Our Solution Development & Support services include:

  • Application and database architecture
  • Customer application development and support
  • COTS implementation and support
  • User acceptance testing
  • Release management
  • Server and network support